Joel Russell

Computer Science Graduate

Who am I?

I'm Joel Russell, a Computer Science graduate of the University of Surrey. I'm currently working at Opsyte. I also work on some freelance projects, run a pub quiz, and work on live events.

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Computer Scientist

Having grown up in Dorset, I found my second home in Guildford at the University of Surrey, where I recently graduated with first-class honours from my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

My third year at University consisted of an industrial placment at Fivium, specialists in public-sector bespoke software.

Broadcast and Live Video

Throughout my time at University, the largest portion of my free time was spent on the running and/or broadcasting of live events on campus. This includes three times as Director of a ten-band, eight-camera concert, called Live From.

I was the Technical Manager of student media society StagTV for a year, in which I trained up new members on technology covering all aspects of live broadcast.

I created a system of reliable wireless and battery-operated tally devices to allow very-low-budget broadcasts benefits normally reserved for professional outlets. The design and implementation of this system was the topic of my first-class Bachelor's dissertation.


I have spent some of my later time at University covering events as a photographer, from black-tie events, to concerts, to roaming event coverage of other campus events. I also do some portrait photography, mostly just for fun.

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Hosting and Presenting

I have been involved in a number of dynamic and exciting roles in hosting and presenting of events.

For three years I was the moderator of Surrey's student election debates. Unlike most universities, Surrey turns this into a large event and broadcast production with an audience of 1000+ students. I chaired eight debates, including three Presidential debates.

In 2020, during lockdown, the Students' Union asked me to host a virtual edition of their pub quiz, which I had previously been involved in. My house became a studio with a complete broadcast setup and graphics engine for the questions. I have continued to host the quiz on campus in person now that semester has started again, including in front of hundreds of students at an outdoor festival in Freshers' Week.